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The SwimRVA Swim School works with Title 1 schools (over 50% of the student body qualifies for free or reduced lunch) to grow self-esteem as well as the life-saving skill of learning to swim. Last year they provided swim lessons to over 1250 kids who participated in their cost free learn to swim program.

As part of your registration, we encourage you to purchase at least one of these gifts for the School. They have provided the cost and a description of each item to help you choose.

$70 - Provides one child seven free swimming lessons in SwimRVA’s 2nd grader learn to swim program. 

  Last year we served 1265 second graders including every second grade child in the City of Hopewell.  Our goal is to ensure 100% of the students in the program graduate with SwimRVA Station 3 skills and over 50% have achieved Station 4 skills or better.  This means that 100 % of the children will be able to kick on their front or back 15 feet to the side of any body of water in just 7 short lessons!

$38 - Red Cross Lifeguard Certification fee

This program is a one of a kind partnership between Chesterfield County Punblic Schools and SwimRVA.  Students spend the last period of their day learning to swim, honing their skills and studying CPR, First Aid, Oxygen administration, AED and Lifeguarding.  The goal is to ensure each student can pass both the pool and classroom requirements to finish the semester with a certification that will allow them to work as a Lifeguard and get transferable class credit for any Virginia Community College!

$25 - Swim suit for a child in our 2nd grade learn to swim program.

Over 100 kids in our program could not afford a swim suit to call their own.  In many cases the child came to class and "forgot" their suit rather than alert the staff they didn't have one.  You make sure nothing stands in the way of child’s life skill learning and self-esteem development.


$25 - Swim suit for a high school student in one of our voluntary after school high school swim labs.

These teenagers voluntarily identify themselves as non-swimmers among their peer group.  They also realize that learning to swim will change their life forever and make the commitment to learn.  You honor their bravery by making sure they have everything they need to be successful.

$24 - Pack of 3 day aquatic fitness classes for individuals in Chesterfield County recovering from substance abuse. 

SwimRVA has partnered with Chesterfield County’s Department of Mental Health Support Services to bring the power of aquatics to those who need it most.  You know what we are talking about!  When you get done with a great aquatic workout you feel ready to take on life’s biggest challenges.  With your help we use aquatics to fight one of the biggest challenges out there by encouraging those to come three times and create a healthy habit that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives!

$5 - Goggles for one of our high school students who participate in our high school learn to swim programs. 

We provide 123 Meadowbrook High School and Armstrong High School students the opportunity to learn to swim before they graduate. Each student is provided a pair of goggles, a suit and the twice a week challenge from SwimRVA. These are some of the bravest students out there! 



$3 - Swim cap for one of our 1265 swimmers who participate in our cost free learn to swim program 

This program serves 15 schools in the our region.  Caps are critical for many in this community due to the effects of chlorine on their hair and scalp.