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Team Competition


$100 buy-in for the Team Competition Fundraiser

10 Swimmers x $10 = $100

10 Teams x $100 =  $1000 fundraising pot!

Simple and straight forward. Think your team can win the meet - ante up! Winning team takes the pot. You can use the funds however you'd like - team gear, team dinner, donate to the SwimRVA Swim School....

All antes will be made on-deck prior to the first event. 

Competition is open to USMS Clubs and/or unofficial workout groups. So if your training group swims out of one facility but you are unattached or members of different USMS clubs you can compete together as a workout group. Simply create a 4-letter team designation and use that during the registration process.

Example: Peluso Open Water Masters = POWM

Speed is key, but participation can conquer all, especially in the oldest and youngest age groups.

You can find more information on team scoring here.

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