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5/1/2015 12:14:37 PM No OWS Friday, May 1

4/17/2015 11:25:01 AM Dangerous River Levels

Due to dangerous river levels, tonight's OWS has been cancelled.

3/5/2015 6:03:30 PM No Practice Friday, March 6

Due to inclement weather, collegiate school aquatic center will not open until 11am tomorrow. We, therefore, will not have practice tomorrow morning. Check your in-box for a copy of tomorrow's workout in case you are able to swim later in the day.

2/18/2015 2:17:13 PM Practice Schedule for Feb 23-27

Due to the Colonial Athletic Association Championships being held at SwimRVA next week we are forced to make the following changes to the practice schedule.

2/16/2015 12:27:43 PM No Practice tonight - Monday Feb 16 2015

No Practice tonight - Monday Feb 16 2015

1/15/2015 12:05:55 PM No morning practice on Monday, Jan 19, 2015

ALERT: The PSDN swim meet from this weekend will carry over to Monday morning, therefore there will be NO MORNING PRACTICE on Monday January 19. There WILL BE EVENING PRACTICE.

1/12/2015 11:34:59 AM 2015 Great Big Swim Clinic Announced

Once again, Peluso Open Water will be putting on the Great Big Swim Clinic in 2015.

9/16/2014 4:51:13 PM Open Water Workouts start at 6pm

We have only 3 open water workouts left this season culminating in the 5/10-mile open water events "To the Bridge & Back" on Oct. 4th

9/13/2014 2:54:05 PM IM Chattanooga Swim Training Team rocks 2.4m swim

Friday night the IM Choo Swim Training Team did their 2.4m point-to-point test swim.

9/11/2014 12:22:48 PM Sunday Workout Location Moved

Sunday workouts will be held at the St. Catherine's school aquatics facility from Sept 7 - Dec 21. All workouts will start at 9am.

8/21/2014 2:06:54 PM Glow Swim!

Glow Swim volunteer email will be in your inbox this evening. Athlete information will be available online Friday.

7/15/2014 11:25:22 AM Five more 10-Miler Swimmers Announced

The next set of participants in the 2014 To the Bridge & Back 10-Miler have been announced! Check out their bios on the event page.

5/31/2014 6:35:45 PM No Practice Sunday - June 1

5/23/2014 7:57:15 AM Fri. OWS cancelled

5/6/2014 1:48:25 PM Fri. OWS moved to Lake Salisbury

4/30/2014 3:53:26 PM 4/30/14 - OWS Cancelled

4/7/2014 9:22:14 AM 10-Miler participants notified

3/29/2014 12:37:26 PM Yes, there is practice on Sunday

3/17/2014 3:43:42 PM 3/17/14 Evening Practice is on!

3/3/2014 12:11:58 PM 3/3/14 Evening Practice Cancelled