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IM Chattanooga Swim Training Team


Program Basics

Running from August 1 - September 26, this program is eight weeks of specific swim training geared toward Ironman Chattanooga. The goal of the program is to develop the fitness, technique, and strategy to execute the ideal 2.4 mile swim split. Beginner athletes, Experienced athletes, and Expert athletes each have a Head coach and workout plan geared specifically toward their abilities. Coaches will be at all group workouts and available by email at any time to answer any of your swim training questions.

Each week of the program includes open water swims and pool sets that will be a mix of technical work and endurance training.

The pool workouts can be executed on your own timeline at any facility that is convenient for you. 

The group open water workout will be run by your head coach and is structured for your group's ability. These workouts are intended to give you both the open water technique and endurance you will need to be succesful on race day, whether that is merely completing the swim, breaking the hour barrier or being in the top 10% out of the water. 

Group Workout Schedule

The group workouts are held on alternating Fridays and Wednesdays beginning Friday August, 1. These workouts will be separate from the regular Peluso Open Water training swims. 

Friday workouts are at 6pm and swum from the American Legion on the James River.

Wednesday workouts are at 6:30pm and swum at Lake Salisbury


The program offers three categories so that we can focus on the skills you need to succeed. 

Elite: Elite athletes have a college swimming background or multiple Ironman swims under their belt. These athletes expect to be in the top 10% out of the water. The program will focus on endurance and pacing and will include a 2-mile supported training swim. These athletes will be expected to swim three pool workouts/week averaging 4,000yds per workout. 

Experienced: Experienced athletes have been competing in open water swim triathlon for quite a while and may have completed the Ironman distance. They are currently swimming between 1h10m and 1h30m for 2.4-miles and would like to push it to the next level. These athletes will be expected to swim 2-3 pool workouts/week averaging 3000yds per workout.

Beginners: Beginner athletes have very little open water experience or have struggled to make the swim time cut-off. The program will include clinics and specific instruction on wetsuits, sighting, drafting, and making the swim a more enjoyable experience and something not to be feared. These athletes wil be expected to swim 2-3 pool workouts/week averaging 2300yds per workout. 

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Elite Group
Coach Jay Peluso

Experienced Group
Coach Dan Szajta

Beginner Group
Coach Ed Boyle

Elite Group
Coach Eric Limkemann


Sample Workouts:

Here is a sample of the types of workouts you can expect.  Sample Workout


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