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Open Water Program


Open Water Practice

The Peluso Open Water Program will get you prepared for your open water race. The program includes coached group open water swims every week.  All Friday workouts take place at Robious Landing Park near James River High School. All Wednesday Workouts take place in Lake Salisbury.


Open Water Workouts:

These alternate from Friday to Wednesday each week. 2017 dates start on April 19th. Calendar

Alternating Friday Workouts: 6-7pm at Robious Landing Park
Early in the season we start with swims of 30-35 minutes of open water endurance swimming sets. During the season, we will progress to longer swims for those swimming in longer events up to 4-5000meters. This workout will serve as your long swim of the week. Thanks to our sponsor Rev3 Triathlon, these workouts are provided for free. 

Alternating Wednesday Workouts: 6 -7pm at Lake Salilsbury.  During these workouts we will set a course, marked by smaller buoys. These workouts are a combination of open water skills, intervals and endurance training. Due to space limitations, these workouts are available to Peluso Open Water Members and those paying a drop-in fee only. 

You should always wear a bright colored swim cap and be at the swim site in time to sign in and hear the pre-swim safety briefing. 

You do not have to swim the entire workout and are welcome to cut your swim short if your ability or time constraints require you to do so.

Inclement Weather:

In the event we have predicted inclement weather or water conditions we will make a cancellation determination by 5pm the day of the swim. Notices will be posted on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and the home page of our website. If there is no notice posted, the swim will be held as scheduled. 


All of our open water workouts are available to drop-in and try. You will sign a liability waiver on site and pay the drop-in fee when you arrive. Thanks to our sponsor Rev3 Triathlon, there is no fee for Friday workouts. There is no need to pre-register for any open water workouts. 

Open Water Races:

There is no better way to train for an open water race than with an open water race. We strongly encourage our open water program athletes to participate in the Swim RVA Open H2O Race Series.  Each of the these races presents a unique open water challenge which will prepare you for future events.

Lake Salisbury:

Our use of Lake Salisbury is an extreme privilege. This is a beautiful, private lake in the Salisbury subdivision. Speeding in the neighborhood and/or excessive noise (i.e. loud music from your vehicle) will quickly put an end to our welcome. Failure to abide by these rules puts our entire program at risk and thus will be grounds for termination of your membership.

Registration Fees

DROP IN: $15 (Pay on-site)

*Peluso Open Water Masters "Full Memberships" include all open water workouts.