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What happens when you mix a
CrossFit workout with a Swim workout?



Peluso Open Water is proud to partner with CrossFit Addict to bring you a 45-minute training session that will tax your swimming and functional fitness while teaching you proper form and technique in both disciplines.

Workouts start with a warm-up and introduction to the exercises and techniques to be used in the "Workout of the Day" (WOD) This is followed by a timed circuit that will push you to your limits. The WOD will include work in and out of the pool so you should have basic swimming skills before attempting a SwimFit workout.



Every training session is held at CSAC and taught by professional coaches from Peluso Open Water and CrossFit Addict and is adjustable to any level of fitness or ability.  We want you to have fun and be successful.



$149 6-Week Training Block*

$99 POW/CFA Members*

$15 Drop-In



Tue/Thu 6-6:45 AM

Participant List




*Special Discount Pricing for the first session
Nov. 5 thru Dec.12
$89 Non-Members
$59 POW/CFA Members