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After decades of racing, directing and volunteering at triathlons across the country it became clear to us that the swim leg was keeping a lot of people from attempting a triathlon, especially if the swim was in the open water. We also noticed that swimming tended to be the most difficult sport for those who hadn't grown up swimming. We thought we could help. With years of coaching experience, a desire to help people reach their goals and to inspire them to get active, we created Peluso Open Water in 2010. We started with small open water clinics but quickly realized that structured, coached time in the pool was needed to get our athletes where they wanted to be. Thus came about Peluso Open Water Masters, a comprehensive swim training program for adults that includes everything from stroke technique workouts for beginners to open water interval sessions and demanding pool workouts for more experienced swimmers. Since we believe that racing is an integral part of getting faster, we created the SwimRVA Open Water Series.  We are fortunate to have strong support from local and national companies who have helped us help others overcome their fears, get active, get faster, and have fun. 

We look forward to seeing you on deck, on shore and at the start line.

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