Open Water Clinics


We host open water clinics throughout the season. 

In these clinics you will learn and practice all aspect of open water swimming. Our expert coaches have helped hundreds of athletes, from beginners to experienced pool swimmers, to become more comfortable and efficient in the open water.

Our standard 2-Hr Clinic covers:

  • Entry/Exits
  • Understanding Currents
  • Drafting
  • Sighting
  • Pack Swimming
  • Rounding Buoys
  • Pacing
  • Strategy
  • Race Prep

Upcoming Open Water Clinlics

Lake Anna: Sept 22, 2018

Giant Acorn Triathlon Weekend

Date: Sep 22, 2018 @ 5pm

Location: Lake Anna State Park, 

Cost: $20

This clinic is a 1-hr version of our two-hour clinic and will include specific race day strategies for the Gaint Acorn Triathlon swim course. There will be both in-water and out-of-water portions of the this clinic. 


Schedule a Clinic for your Club

Want us to put on a clinic for your club? Contact us for scheduling options and pricing.