Pool Program


Peluso Open Water welcomes you to Peluso Open Water Masters (POWM). Our pool program caters to swimmers of all levels. Our coaches will know your strengths, weaknesses and goals. You will be able to swim with other athletes at your level - from elite masters to beginner triathletes.

Pool Workout Schedule

All  pool workouts are held at the Collegiate School Aquatics Center (CSAC) aka SwimRVA located at 5050 Ridgedale Parkway, Richmond, VA 23234

Mon, Wed, Fri Morning: 6-7:15am

Mon and Wed Evening: 6-7:15pm

Tue and Thu Mid-Day: Noon - 1pm

Sun: 9-10am (Jan-Apr)

Always check the Training Calendar for up to date workout information

Open Water Workouts

Open water practices are held weekly from April to October and are included in the monthly membership fee. See the Open Water Program page for more details.

Beginners Practices

For those just getting started in the sport or who swim at a pace of 2:00/100m or slower, we offer hands on Beginners Practices which are held:

Mon/Wed: 6-7am in the 25y instructional pool

Please also take a look at our Glossary of Drills, Terms and Abbreviations before coming to your first practice. This will make your experience with the program much more enjoyable and will help in your discussions with the coaches.

If you are looking for the very basics of group swimming, check out our Pups Program to get started.

If you are looking to learn how to swim or are unable to swim one-length of the pool comfortably, try the SwimRVA Adult Learn-to-Swim Program.

Equipment for your first practice

To get the most our of your workouts we recommend purchasing goggles, fins, a pull buoy and paddles which you should bring to every practice 

You can purchase Peluso Open Water recommend equipment through our online store for delivery to your door. 

USMS Membership (required)

For insurance purposes, all participants are required to be members of United States Masters Swimming. The cost to join is $50/year. There will be an option to register for USMS during your initial Peluso Open Water registration if you are not already a USMS member.


Non-Members Swims

DROP-INS: All of our practices are available to non-members as a Drop-In for either $10 for pool workouts or $15 for open water workouts. Simply fill out the waiver form and pay your drop-in fee when you arrive. 

OUT OF TOWNER: Live 50-miles or more from Richmond but need a place to get in a workout while on the road? Bring in one of your team caps for our "Out of Towner's Wall" and drop-in to a practice free of charge. We'll be happy to trade you one of ours. 

PUNCH CARDS: Punch Cards are good for 10 pool workouts and can be used at your convenience. If you are going to use it for longer than 30-days you must also become a member of USMS. Punch Cards must be purchased at the pool. Please note that Punch Cards are non-transferrable and many not be used for open water workouts. 

Membership Fees

United States Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swimming


ALL members are required to also join USMS for insurance purposes. Please start here before registering for our program.

Monthly Membership - $70

United States Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swimming


  • Includes all pool workouts
  • Includes all open water workouts
  • Includes membership to SwimRVA facility
  • Must be a member of USMS 

6-Month Membership - $360

United States Masters Swimming

6-Month Membership - $360


  • Make the commitment, get a reduced rate.  
  • Register for a 6-month contract for only $360, a $60 savings. 
  • All of the monthly membership benefits included.


Punch Cards

6-Month Membership - $360


All POW Members receive FREE membership to SwimRVA allowing you to swim at times that are convenient to you if you can't make it to a coached practice. You will need to fill out a SwimRVA membership form at the front desk.

Punch Cards

Punch Cards

Punch Cards


10-workout Punch Cards are available for only $90. All passes must be purchased at the SwimRVA facility.

Please note that Punch Cards are non-transferable and may not be used for open water workouts


Punch Cards

Punch Cards


All POW workouts are available 

to drop-in and try out. 

  • Pool workouts are $10 
  • Open Water workouts are $15

Simply pay when you arrive and fill out the Drop-In form.